Will Your Cover Letter / Email Grab an Employer's Attention?

Few people realise how critically important a cover letter / email is, especially these days, when you may be competing against 100 or more other applicants

The majority of job applicants just send a hastily written cover letter / email that says little more than "here is my CV", plus a few generic sentences that don't really relate their experience and skills to the specific job they are applying for.

This means that they (and possible you too, if this is also your approach), have missed a 'golden' opportunity to impress an employer.

A well composed cover letter is worth its weight in gold. It introduces a positive mindset into the reader of your CV, pre-selling both you and your CV. Without a good cover letter your CV will be read with a "let's find a reason to reject" mindset from the beginning.

Copying these professionally written cover letter examples will enable you to write a cover letter / email that gets employers to take notice of your job application, so that you can get onto that all-important interview shortlist of typically just 5 applicants. If there are 100 applicants, then you have to beat 95 other people.

You will quickly learn how to expertly layout and word your cover letter, saving you a lot of time and disappointment.

20 Outstanding Cover Letter Examples

These are 'real' cover letter examples with only the name and other contact details changed. You get:

Cover Letter Examples
  • 20 Outstanding 'Real' Cover Letter Examples composed by professional writers (we have 24 years' experience in writing CVs and cover letters).
  • Copy our expert wording and layout, and quickly improve your cover letters / emails.
  • Make employers want to interview you by grabbing their attention rather than the other 100 applicants who didn't produce a 'proper' cover letter.
  • Suitable for everyone, from entry level staff right through to senior management level.

Free Bonus: The Perfect Cover Letter

The Perfect Cover Letter

Discover how to create a cover letter / email that makes an employer take notice of your application:

  • You'll learn how to expertly write a cover letter / email for either an advertised vacancy or a direct speculative approach to an employer.
  • Stop missing out on interviews by following our simple step-by-step approach, which makes it easy to create a perfect cover letter that makes employers want to meet you.
  • Eliminate the fatal mistakes that may cost you interviews. We tell you the mistakes that most people are completely unaware of.
  • Valued at £9, but yours free with 20 Outstanding Cover Letter Examples.


Before using our 20 Outstanding CV and Cover Letter Examples, Hari Pillai was sending out his CV to employers and wasn't getting any interviews. He had originally tried to improve his own CV and cover letter, but wasn't pleased with the result.

After using our examples, Hari successfully secured 5 interviews and 3 job offers, one of which he gladly accepted.

Commenting on how he had used our examples, Hari said "Your examples were excellent, they really helped me with the format, layout, keywords and writing style and helped me get 5 interviews!"


Who Created These Cover Letter Examples And What Experience Do They Have?

These outstanding cover letter examples have been created by Advice Supermarket and our sister company Bradley CVs.

  • Bradley CVs have 24 years' experience in expertly writing CVs and cover letters and have assisted 1000's of people get the job interviews that they desired.
  • Our professionally written cover letters have been thoroughly tried and tested in the jobs' market.
  • We are acknowledged experts in the field of CV and cover letter writing, having regularly contributed to The Guardian Newspaper's CV clinic, to BBC TV and radio programmes, plus articles for both national and local newspapers.

It's 100% Risk Free

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20 Outstanding Cover Letter Examples - £9

  • 20 Outstanding 'Real' Cover Letter Examples created by professional CV and cover letter writers.
  • Copy our expert wording to quickly and dramatically improve your own cover letters / emails.
  • Instantly make employers want to interview you, as our words are designed to grab their attention and beat the other 100+ applicants.
  • Free Bonus: The Perfect Cover Letter. Discover how to expertly write your own cover letters / emails, eliminate fatal mistakes and stop missing out on job interviews.
  • Suitable for everyone, from entry level staff right through to senior management.
  • 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

30 Day 100 percent money back guarantee

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Your CV and cover letter examples were very easy to use and excellent value for money, I'd definitely recommend them to other people.

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More than anything it made me step back and reconsider what I wanted to achieve, and then how to structure my CV and cover letter to best effect. The new CV and cover letter I created successfully got me interviews!

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