Employers are typically receiving 100, 200 or more applications for each job they advertise. This can make it very hard for you to produce a CV that gets you the interviews you want. Can your current CV beat 200 applicants or will you just get rejection letters?

To improve your CV check out QuickFix CV, an extremely powerful and proven system that has taken people whose CVs failed to get them any interviews and enabled them to quickly transform their CVs and win the interviews they desired.

When you get QuickFix CV, you'll learn this amazingly simple and powerful system step-by-step. It's just like having a top CV writing expert sitting on your shoulder telling you exactly what to change on your CV. What could be easier?

Component 1: QuickFix CV 'Core Manual'

Here's what you'll discover in this definitive guide to creating your own interview-winning CV:

  • Which CV layout is best for you and how to design an eye-catching and attractive CV that grabs an employer's attention.
  • How to beat 200 other job applicants by quickly and easily creating powerful achievements that capture an employer's imagination.
  • Instantly construct a striking Profile (summary) that commands an employer's interest and makes them want to meet you, rather than the other applicants.
  • Learn how to create an impressive career history that excites employers and makes them what to interview you.
  • How to highlight your qualifications if they are good or bury them if they are bad and will cost you interviews!
  • What other crucial sections / headings will an employer expect to see on your CV?

Component 2: Checklists

  • Employers are frequently put off by poor spelling and grammar in CVs and cover letters / emails.
  • The Essential Spelling and Grammar Checklist covers commonly confused words, which ensures that you don't ruin your chances with employers.
  • This invaluable checklist also tells you when to use apostrophes, capital letters, hyphenation and much more.
  • Plus, you also get the CV Checklist that we use in our professional CV writing service (Bradley CVs), before we send out a CV to a client. Use this as your final checklist before you send your CV to an employer.

Component 3: Our 'Best' CV Template

  • Most applicants have a poor CV layout - get ahead of them by using our 'best' CV template to improve the layout of your CV and get noticed by employers.
  • 1000s of people just like you have won interviews using this CV template, which is used by our professional CV writing service (Bradley CVs).
  • Simple and easy to use, as the layout of all sections has already been done for you in Microsoft Word (the format required by all employers / recruiters).

Component 4: Two Special Reports

  • What Must You Include On Your CV? This valuable report tells you what you must include on your CV if you want to secure an interview. Failing to include vital information means an employer will reject your CV.
  • What Must You Leave Off Your CV? In this indispensable report you will discover what you must leave off your CV to avoid rejection letters. Including the wrong things on your CV will mean that you won't get the interviews you want.

Who Created QuickFix CV and What Expertise Do They Have?

This practical and powerful step-by-step system has been produced by Advice Supermarket and our sister company Bradley CVs.

  • Bradley CVs is one of the foremost professional CV services world-wide, with a highly enviable 24-year reputation for producing compelling CVs that have helped 1000's of people just like you get the job interviews they deserved.
  • We are acknowledged experts in the field of CV writing, having regularly contributed to The Guardian newspaper's CV clinic, to BBC TV and radio programmes and leading newspapers, including The Times, The Daily Telegraph and the Financial Times.
  • QuickFix CV is based on our detailed analysis of 10,000+ CVs. When you use QuickFix CV it's just like having a top CV writing expert from Bradley CVs sitting on your shoulder telling you step-by-step exactly what to change on your CV. Everything has been thoroughly tried and tested in the 'real' jobs' market.

Even Better, It's 100% Risk Free

  • You can try out the complete QuickFix CV System at absolutely no risk for 30 days with our full 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee - let us take all the risks, so that you don't have to.

Now It's Your Turn To Choose ...

  • Do you want to secure more job interviews by improving your CV? You have a clear, simple choice right now.
  • Grab QuickFix CV today and start implementing an incredibly simple yet powerful system for dramatically improving your CV. Start winning the job interviews you desire now by selecting 1 of the 3 options below ...

Option 1: QuickFix CV Standard Edition - £10

This includes:

Option 2: QuickFix CV Upgraded Package - £17

  • QuickFix CV Core Manual, the definitive guide to creating your own interview-winning CV - £10
  • The Essential Spelling and Grammar Checklist and our CV Checklist [£10 when sold separately]
  • 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Option 3: QuickFix CV Platinum System - £19

  • QuickFix CV Core Manual, the definitive guide to creating your own interview-winning CV - £10.
  • The Essential Spelling and Grammar Checklist and our CV Checklist [£10 when sold separately]
  • Our Best CV Template [£10 when sold separately]

  • 2 Special Reports: What Must You Include On Your CV To Secure Interviews? What Must You Leave Off To Avoid Rejection? [£10 each]
  • 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • £19, saving £31 (compared to buying all 6 separately for £50)
  • Convert £19 to your own currency

30 day 100 percent money back guarantee

Will It Work On My PC, Mac, Laptop Or Phone?

  • Yes, it will work on a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or phone. Once, you've clicked on the Add To Basket button and have paid, you will be able to instantly download everything that you ordered (or you can download it later if you prefer). All products are delivered electronically, the photos above are for illustration purposes only.
  • All documents are provided in the PDF format, which can be read on PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets or phones. The Adobe PDF reader is typically pre-installed - in the unlikely event it isn't on yours, we tell you how to get a free copy once you've ordered - it's just a simple one click install.
  • The CV template is provided in Microsoft Word format and can be downloaded directly to your PC, Mac, laptop or tablet. Please note almost all employers / recruiters expect you to send your CV in Microsoft Word format. Recruiters especially prefer this, as they may need to edit your CV.

Will My Payment Details Be Safe Online?

  • Yes, the payment page is hosted on a secure web page, where you can pay with MasterCard, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron or PayPal. Payments are automatically converted into your own currency.
  • Your payment is 100% secure, as your credit / debit card details will be kept secure using 128-bit encryption (the highest level commercially available). Our merchant account (Barclaycard), payment gateway (Sage Pay) and shopping cart (1ShoppingCart) all comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) - they are all Level 1 compliant (the highest level possible), which ensures your card details are kept safe and secure.

Currency Conversion

  • Your payment is automatically converted to your own currency by your debit / credit card company or PayPal (if you paid with PayPal).
  • If you would like to convert from Pounds to your own currency, please see the currency converters below. We've selected Euros in the 'To' field below, which you can change to your own currency.

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My new CV has been extremely well received by both potential employers and agencies.

I obtained 5 interviews in a very short period of time.

I now have a new job, starting next Monday!

-- Clare Dickinson

I sent my CV at 10:30am to my principal target (an oil major).

They phoned at 11:15am and were very keen to interview me, so we set one up for the following week.

After a very 'enjoyable' interview they offered me a superior position to the one I asked for at interview.

You can't get better than that!

-- Tony Harthill

The CV has been very successful!

In around 2 weeks my CV landed on many top IT company desks, instantly passing the basic 'sifting' stages.

The first company to receive my CV responded within 24 hours.

After several exhaustive technical interviews, I am extremely pleased to have accepted a lucrative job offer

-- Kevin Ingleby

100% Money Back Guarantee for our QuickFix CV System